Post 781 Officers
This page is dedicated to our Home Town Heroes.  The following veterans have banners which will be posted throughout our area.  If you would like to create a banner for a veteran, you may do so at Hometown Heroes website.
If the veteran's name is underlined, a photo of the banner is available - just click on the name.

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Post 781 Officers
Veteran Branch/Unit
Mariann AigeldingerUS Army Reserves
Robert C. AmbroseUS Navy
William AtonUS Marine Corps
Olin BallietUS Army
John J. BirosUS Navy
Clarence Ray BlackfordUS Navy
Barry BooneUS Navy
William M. Breen US Army
Chester Lee "Chet" Buff Sr.US Army
William ColumboUS Marine Corps
James CorneliusUS Army
Cpl.Thomas S. CoxUS Army
John M. Dalton Jr.US Army
Allen F. DaubertUS Army
Stanley DempkoskiUS Navy
Joseph DempkoskyUS Army
Pasquale DeRosaUS Marine Corps
Donald DickinsonUS Army
Robert T. DerwinUS Army
Daniel EnglishUS Army 82nd Airborne-paratrooper
Al FinnUS Army
Gabriel Fornitt US Navy
Joseph Michael Gallagher US Army
Walter E. Godshall US Navy
Sam GoyneUS Air Force
Thomas M. Granoski US Navy
Tanya Gregory US Army
Michael HanlonUS Marine Corps
Joseph G. Hartmann Jr.US Army Air Corps 81st Fighter Group
Lt. Col. James Harvey III Tuskegee Airmen Air Corps
Michael HeffingerUS Marine Corps
Shad HeffingerUS Army
John M. HenryUS Navy
Charles HollockUS Army
David Michael HollockUS Air Force
Emil "Irish" HollockUS Army
Eric C. HollockUS Army Reserves
George HollockUS Army Reserves
John HollockUS Army Air Corps
John J. HollockUS Air Force
Joseph HollockUS Army
Kevin James HollockUS Army
Mark HollockUS Air Force
Metro HollockUS Army
Michael HollockUS Army
Nicholas HollockUS Navy
Nicholas "Sam" HollockUS Navy
Theodore HollockUS Army
Paul Robert HopersbergerUS Army 82nd Airborne Division
William Hopersberger US Air Force
Joseph Louis HornUS Navy
William H. Hudock US Navy
Richard M. Hughes IIUS Army
Charles KahleyUS Army Cavalry
George KirnUS Army
David B. KlineUS Army Reserves
Andrew C. KollarUS Army
Joseph KosmachUS Army
August J. KreuzerUS Army 82nd Airborne Division
Jacob KrommesUS Navy
Justin KrommesUS Army
Michael KutzmonichUS Army
Sgt. Ryan LakeUS Army
Gene LehmanUS Air Force
Richard T. LewisUS Air Force
Howard LindbuchlerUS Air Force
James McGeeverUS Army Air Corps
Edward F. McGinnis Jr.US Army Air Corps
Dennis McNaughtonUS Marine Corps
Kristen McNaughtonUS Army National Guard
Robert J. MetzgerUS Army
William MetzgerUS Army/US Air Force
David L. MorrisUS Army
James J. Murphy Jr.US Navy
Gary L. MyersUS Army
Donald S. Myers SrUS Army
Robert B. Myers Sr.US Army
Reverend Edward P. NolanUS Air Force
Henry William Nork Jr.US Navy
Edward J. PalshaUS Navy
William T. PavlickUS Army
Thelma PerkinsUS Woman's Army Corps
Paul A. PetersUS Army
Leo Petroski US Army
Jerome Peznowski US Air Force
John Michael ReillyUS Army
John F. RichmondUS Army
Lonnie RinehimerUS Army
Martin RitsickUS Navy
Edwin RoseUS Navy
Paul SakowskiUS Army
Raymond SamolisUS Army
Jeffrey Robert SiegfriedUS Army
Edmund SieminskiUS Army
Thomas A. SimmsUS Army 101st Airborne Division
George A. SkiroUS Air Force
Major Alexander M. SlussearUS Army Infantry
Todd A. SollidayUS Navy
William Thomas Strauss Jr.US Navy
Kenneth L. Strittmatter Sr.US Air Force
Richard L. StrittmatterUS Army
Robert StrittmatterUS Army
Andrew J. TeslickoUS Navy
Jay A. ThomasUS Navy - US Navy Seabees
SWC Jay Allen ThomasUS Marine Corps
Charles D. ThomasUS Navy
John A. ThomasUS Marines
Frank E. Vandermark Jr.US Air Force
Frank E. Vandermark Sr.US Army
George J. VeneskyUS Army
John N. WamboldUS Navy
Sgt. Anthony J. Wasco Jr.US Army
Taylor J. WeigandUS Army/US Army Reserves
Robert WildesUS Army/US Air Force
Robert J. WolfeUS Navy
Joseph V. YaleUS Army
Christian Andrew YurkaninUS Navy